Pilot of Biosecurity Awareness Packages for Seaports and Airports

Pilot of Biosecurity Awareness Packages for Seaports and Airports

Pilot of Biosecurity Awareness Packages for Seaports and Airports

Agriculture Advice Notice

This notice is for

  • First point operators and entities at first points of entry including port and airport authorities,
  • wharf owners and operators,
  • stevedores,
  • fixed base owners and operators,
  • airlines, shipping lines, baggage handlers.

The Changes

In exchange for your feedback, the Australian Agriculture Department offers you the the Biosecurity Awareness Package (Seaports) and Biosecurity Awareness Package (Airports).

These packages are designed to support first point of entry operators to meet their obligations under Biosecurity Regulations 56 & 58. These regulations require each person who carries out operations at a first point of entry to be aware of the associated biosecurity risks and know how to report them.

The packages highlight the most common biosecurity risks you may encounter at seaports and airports, and provide information about how you should respond to them.

What you need to do

The Department wants to ensure that the information and key messages in the package are easily understood by the broad range of staff working at seaports and airports. For that reason, you are encouraged to pilot the package with participants that reflect the diverse backgrounds and operational roles of staff around Australia.

Participants can provide feedback on the following:

  • Did you understand the information presented?
  • Do you know what biosecurity risks to look out for?
  • Do you know what to do if you see a biosecurity risk?

Pilot participants can access the airports package here and seaports package here.

Participants should provide their comments before 1 December 2017 by emailing biosecurityfirstpoints@agriculture.gov.au.

Further Information

The Australian Agriculture Department expects the final biosecurity awareness packages to be available on the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website in December 2017.

First point of entry operators will need to integrate the package into their induction programs and ensure that all staff have completed the package before transitional determinations expire in June 2019.

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